Critical Firmware Alert for DJI Matrice 30 and CZI LP12 Owners: A Cautionary Tale

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In the world of drone technology, staying up-to-date with firmware is usually essential for optimal performance. However, a recent development has raised a red flag for DJI Matrice 30 and LP12 owners. It’s crucial to heed this warning to prevent potential issues that could cost you a substantial amount.

The Problem

Recent reports indicate that updating your DJI Matrice 30 to the latest firmware may render the LP12, in some cases, unusable. This unforeseen consequence has raised concerns among the drone community, and affected users are urged not to proceed with the update until a solution is found.

Current Actions

Priority 1 Drones, in collaboration with others in the drone industry, has worked tirelessly to find a solution to this issue. After updating your LP12 to the latest firmware, you can proceed to download the DJI Matrice 30 firmware version. We recommend exercising caution and following any additional recommendations provided by DJI and CZI.

Steps for CZI LP12 Owners

  1. Visit CZI’s Website: Go to CZI’s website at (
  2. Find Software Updates: Navigate to the software updates section on the website.
  3. Connect to Your Computer: Connect your LP12 to your computer using the recommended method.
  4. Download Latest Firmware: Ensure your LP12 is equipped with the latest firmware version V03.03.00.02.

LP12 Updated? Proceed with M30T

Once your LP12 is successfully updated, you can proceed with updating your M30 series aircraft firmware. It’s crucial to spread awareness within the drone community to prevent any unnecessary financial losses. Stay tuned for updates from Priority 1 Drones and the collaborative efforts within the drone industry on the resolution of this issue. In the meantime, exercise caution and prioritize the stability of your equipment over the desire for the latest updates. Your drone’s functionality and your wallet will thank you.

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