Brinc LEMUR S Tactical Drone

A new kind of robot. A ruggedized and durable composition combined with an easy-to-use payload bay allows the LEMUR to break glass, scale stairs, conduct two-way communications with a suspect, and flip over after crashes.


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In the box:

1X LEMUR Drone S Aircraft
1X Day / Night Vision IR Camera Module
2X LEMUR Drone Battery
1X BRINC Controller (with external tx module + high gain antenna + tethering cable fortraining)
1X Multi-Charger (with cable set)
1X Battery Charge State Monitor
4X 64GB Class 10 Micro SD Cards (for recording high-quality drone video locally)
1X Toolkit (containing an allen key set, phillips screwdriver, prop nut tool, crescent wrench, pair of tweezers, pair of side cutters, pair of needle nose pliers, zip tie kit, ca glue bottle and a bottle of ca glue accelerator)
1X Spare Parts Kit (containing 2 sets of 4 spare props, 2 spare IR lenses, 2 spare self righting standoffs, 2 spare optics pod standoffs, 2 spare prop nuts, 1 spare camera lens,
1 spare video TX antenna, 1 spare cell antenna, 1 spare cell antenna 90° adapter, 1 spare battery thumb screw, 4 spare battery foam pads, 1 spare speaker foam pad, 4 spare standoff threaded rods, 2 spare duct bumpers and 2 spare duct arm frame components)
1X Custom Pelican Case

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