Public Safety/First Responder UAS Boot Camp

$1,100/Student (TechCred eligible)

The exciting advancements of small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (sUAS), or drone, technology has enabled many civil and commercial opportunities through applications including precision agriculture, real estate, mapping and facility inspections, environmental studies, and first responder support, plus many more. As a result, many communities are incorporating the new technologies into their public safety tool boxes to take advantage of the regulatory and technical developments that have occurred over recent years. The application of UAS for commercial and civil purposes requires an understanding of contemporary technical, legal and regulatory issues. This course provides the foundational knowledge to take the FAA-mandated Part 107 Remote Pilot exam to operate as a commercial UAS pilot. This course is also designed to assist newly assigned personnel as well as veteran personnel in learning how to operate the agency’s sUAS. Course will cover required equipment, safety, basic flight maneuvers, logbooks, in-flight emergencies, and other issues. Attending operators/pilots will be required to fly their aircraft in the course under the guidance of Remote Pilots.

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