1 Day Course – $140/Student 

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)/Drones is new fast evolving technology that the general public  is embracing. Law Enforcement is getting calls now to handle complaints on the sUAS’s and the  operators. There are two types of operators that Law Enforcement is dealing with; Commercial  Operators & “Hobbyists.” This course will cover how to handle a complaint, differences between  ‘Hobbyist” and Commercial Operator, Part 91.13 Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Careless or Reckless  Operation and 14 CFR 107.23(a) Hazardous Operation, “No Drone Zones”, What ORC section may apply  for charges, how to recognize what might be evidence on the sUAS and were to locate the evidence,  aircraft right-of-way, when to get the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) involved and who to  contact, and Apps. 

Course is restricted Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, Law Directors, Legal Advisors, & Judges.

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