2 Day Course – $240/Student 

This course is designed to assist Public Safety sUAS Remote Pilots in becoming familiar with operating a  sUAS/Drone inside a structure, flying through windows and doorways, in hallways, up and down stairs or  in stairwells, and in confined spaces, etc. The importance of having a “Tactical Visual Observer” (TVO)  assisting the Remote Pilot will be discussed. Remote Pilots attending will operate their agency’s  sUAS/Drone in various practical exercises and scenarios at different locations that are designed to help  Remote Pilot understand and become familiar with operating a sUAS/Drone inside a structure and/or  confined space. NOTE: It is strongly suggested if the agency has personnel assigned in the role of a  Visual Observer (VO), they should send that person or persons to the course to assist their Remote Pilot  as a “Tactical Visual Observer.” This course is designed to work as a team effort therefore there is no  charge for the agency’s Visual Observer(s) to attend this course. 

This course is for Public Safety Personnel Only (Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Search & Rescue).

To enroll, please fill out the form below. Contact info@p1drones.com with any questions.

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