2 Day Course – Free with previous course 

This course is offered in conjunction with the OPERATING sUAS/DRONES INSIDE BUILDINGS FOR  TACTICAL PURPOSES COURSE. This course is available to an agency’s Visual Observer whose Remote  Pilot is attending the Operating sUAS/Drones Inside Buildings For Tactical Purposes Course. This course  goes beyond the regular duties of a Visual Observer (VO) and addresses a Tactical Visual Observer (TVO).  The Tactical Visual Observer is assigned for tactical operations where the Remote Pilot for the agency is  operating the sUAS/Drone inside a structure. This course will cover the duties of the Tactical Visual  Observer. The Tactical Visual Observer is a direct link between the Command Post, S.W.A.T./SRT, & the  Remote Pilot. The Tactical Visual Observer allows the Remote Pilot to operate the sUAS/Drone without  further distractions. They will be with the Remote Pilot at all times. There will practical demonstrations  and Tactical Visual Observers will participate in practical exercises during the course. 

Visual Observer must be part of agency’s sUAS/Drone Team whose Remote Pilot is attending the  Operating sUAS/Drones Inside Buildings For Tactical Purposes Course.

To enroll, please fill out the form below. Contact info@p1drones.com with any questions.

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