2 Day Course with Night Training – $200/Student 

Utilizing thermal imaging  systems in emergency situations is inherently different than how it is used in thermography and other commercial purposes. This course is designed to take public safety students with absolutely no experience using thermal drones and camera systems to becoming confident in their skills and knowledge needed to utilize to their maximum potential and to maximize  their effectiveness in the field. 

Course is for Public Safety Personnel Only (Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, Search & Rescue). Must have a  Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, or if the Pilot/Operator student has taken the FAA Part 107 Remote  Pilot Exam, passed and is waiting for the Temporary Certificate to be issued, or has been operating under the Agency’s COA as Self-Certified, or has not yet taken the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Exam, but  the Agency has assigned them duties as the Remote Pilot, he/she may participate in the course and  receive a certificate as long as one of the Remote Pilots or Remote Pilot-In-Command is present and  within close range to take over the controller if an emergency arises. NOTE: Participants must have  taken the Night training from the FAA.

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